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UK Universities Without Application Fees in 2023 – APPLY ONLINE

At this point in time, everyone wants to have some money on hand, even if it’s just a penny, but with the significant rise in inflation, that seems very unattainable.

Don’t give up just yet, because we have some very interesting information that we want to share with you.

It is now possible to apply to any of the top 10 universities in the UK without having to pay an application fee.

In addition, the United Kingdom is often regarded as the most desirable and sought-after location for jobs and education among expatriates.

The excellent standard of living, progressive culture, and abundance of chances make it a place that everyone should at least fantasize about relocating to.

Not only will you be able to save money in this manner, but you’ll also have the opportunity to submit applications for a variety of scholarships that will help pay for all of your educational costs.

It is recommended that you enroll in Postgraduate programmes because they offer the finest chances; nevertheless, you have the option of enrolling in various undergraduate and graduate programmes.

You may find the names and details of the universities in the UK that you could select to apply to if you read the entire article, which you should do if you are interested and need more information.

Details Regarding UK Universities Without Application Fees 2023

  • Country: United Kingdom.
  • Type: Fully Funded.
  • Category: Scholarships.
  • Application Charges: No Charges Applicable.

List of Top Universities in the UK Without Application Fees

The following is a list of the best universities that do not impose application fees on students from other countries:

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1. University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is a public research institution in the city of London, and it is here that prospective students can submit applications to a wide variety of academic programmes, including those in the fields of Education, Engineering, Architecture, and Business.

You can apply to the university either directly at one of its three campuses or indirectly through one of its authorized representatives located in the country.

2. Imperial College London

This university, which is also known as the Imperial College of Science, provides its students with access to a diverse assortment of extracurricular opportunities, including a large variety of Sports Groups, Music Projects, Art Projects, and different societies.

It is home to students hailing from over 140 different nations thanks to its International Student support department.

There is no cost associated with submitting an application to any of the Doctoral Degree programmes offered by this university.

3. Lancaster University

Lancaster University is ranked among the best universities of various league tables in the UK. There are a total of nine colleges there, eight of which are for Undergraduate students and one of which is for Graduate students.

The following is a list of the undergraduate colleges:

  • Bowland.
  • Cartmel.
  • County.
  • Furness.
  • Fylde.
  • Lonsdale.
  • Grizedale.
  • Pendle.

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4. University of Glasgow

According to the research for the QS world ranking, the University of Glasgow comes in at number 67 on the list of the 100 best universities in the world.

It consists of 19 schools, four of which are colleges. Each of these educational institutions features a research institute, and they are as follows:

  • College of Arts.
  • College of Medicine/Veterinary/Life Sciences.
  • College of Science and Engineering.
  • College of Social Sciences.

5. University of Oxford

Oxford University, widely regarded as the most prestigious and well-known university on a global scale, can be found in Oxford, England.

Applicants coming from countries with a low per capita income or those who wish to reapply for the current PGT are exempt from paying application fees to the university.

In addition, the University provides more than 100 different majors that are divided into the following four academic divisions:

  • Physical and Life Sciences.
  • Mathematical.
  • Medical Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.

6. University of Warwick

In addition to being the public research university that is located in the suburbs of Coventry, England, the University of Warwick also holds the distinction of being the oldest of the other two universities that were listed.

E-Business Management, Continental Philosophy, Literacy Translation Studies, History of Medicine, French Studies, Computer Science, and Caribbean Studies are only a few of the specialized postgraduate programmes that the university provides.

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The following are some of the schools and colleges that are part of the university:

  • Business School.
  • Law School.
  • A Manufacturing Group.
  • Medical School.
  • College of Education.

7. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds, which is located in West Yorkshire, England, is known for providing a calm and smoke-free atmosphere for its Undergraduate and Graduate students.

The university is home to numerous fantastic restaurants, in addition to providing a wide range of other services.

8. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world, and its mission is to work for the betterment of societies and nations by fostering the development of leaders who will contribute to the expansion of opportunities for the future.

The University is made up of more than 100 departments, a botanic garden, 114 libraries, 8 museums, dozens of societies and student clubs, and 31 semi-independent colleges.

Both International Applicants from qualified countries and students from families with low incomes can apply without application fees.

9. University of Sheffield

South Yorkshire, England, is home to the University of Sheffield, which functions as both a public and a research institution. Without application fees, it provides a variety of Postgraduate programmes to International Students.

The campuses are well-known for their research connections with a large number of well-known partners all over the world, and as a result, they offer a variety of different programmes.

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The following departments make up the university’s faculties and provide academic programmes:

  • Arts and Humanities.
  • Science and Engineering.
  • Dentistry.
  • Health.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Medicine.

10. University College London

Our final recommendation is University College London, which is the largest educational institution in the United Kingdom.

It is a public research university that provides a wide range of graduate programmes, some of which are available without application fees.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCL) is widely recognized as the “house of brave thinkers,” and it is also famous for being the alma mater of a number of well-known people, such as:

  • Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Christopher Nolan.
  • Chris Martin.
  • Charli XCX.
  • Alexander Graham Bell.


It is strongly recommended that any International Student who is interested in furthering their education in the United Kingdom look into universities that do not charge application fees in order to gain admission.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom; several of these universities also provide scholarship opportunities for students from other countries.