Submit Application for Belgium Government Scholarship Intake 2024

Applications are now being accepted for the Belgium Government Scholarship Intake 2024. Students from around the world and of varying cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

This is an excellent opportunity that will help you succeed in your undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies.

If you are interested in furthering your education in Belgium, you should read this entire article for additional information.

The Academy for Research and Higher Education, also known as ARES (De Research et D’Ensignement Supérieur), is located in France.

Motivated students in Belgium who are working towards their bachelor’s or master’s degrees can receive financial assistance from this organisation.

Because the ARES scholarships are completely supported, international students from other countries choose them over other opportunities to study in Belgium at no expense to them.

In addition, there are over 200 different scholarships that can be applied for in order to participate in advanced programmes.

It is strongly recommended that students from developing nations submit an application for these scholarships.

Check out the additional information that is provided below if you are considering applying for this award.

Belgium Government Scholarship Intake 2024 Details

  • Country: Belgium
  • Host: ARES (De Recherche Et D’Enseignement Supérieur)
  • Degree level: Bachelors/Masters
  • Type: Fully Funded

Fields of Interest

  • Development, Environment, and Societies
  • Human Rights
  • Aquatic Resources Management and Aquaculture
  • Risk and Disaster Management
  • Integrated management of health risks in developing countries (GIRISS)
  • International and Development Economics
  • Transfusion Medicine
  • Microfinance
  • Integrated production and preservation of natural resources in urban and peri-urban areas
  • Public Health Methodology
  • Public Health Sciences – Research Methods Applied to Global Health
  • Science and Environmental Management in Developing Countries
  • Transport and Logistics.

ARES Government Scholarship Benefits

The ARES Belgium Government Scholarships are completely funded, and they will provide the following opportunities to those students who are chosen to receive them:

  • A stipend in the amount of €1150 per month will be provided to students.
  • They will be given tickets for flights to international destinations.
  • Upon arrival, they will be given reimbursement for indirect costs of €150.
  • They will earn fees of up to €700 for tuition, arrival, and return travel.
  • Students enrolled in the bachelor’s programme will be provided with a stipend.
  • They will be given tickets for the economy class of travel.
  • They will be given a lump-sum payment for indirect mission expenditures.

Training Courses

  • Students who enroll in certain training courses will receive plane tickets to travel internationally.
  • A daily subsistence stipend of up to €83 for the duration of 8–17 days, depending on the length of the trip.
  • A subsistence stipend in the amount of 1,400 euros per month for a period ranging from 18 months to one month.
  • A sum equal to 1,400 Euros (€) each month for a period ranging from one to six months.
  • In addition to that, they will be reimbursed for indirect costs of up to €150.
  • They will be provided with funding for travel fees in order to attend training at other universities.

Criteria for Eligibility

All potential candidates are required to verify that they meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the ARES Belgium Government Scholarship:

  1. Everyone who applies must be from a country that is currently developing.
  2. For entry into the undergraduate programme, prospective students’ ages must be lower than 40.
  3. To be eligible for the training programmes, applicants must be younger than 45 years old.
  4. Everyone who wants to apply for this position needs to have a prior degree in a subject that is connected to their field of interest.
  5. Every applicant must have a minimum of two years of relevant work experience.
  6. All applicants are required to demonstrate a passive understanding of the English language.
  7. The cutoff date for applications
  8. The deadline to submit an application for the ARES Belgium Government Scholarship 2024 is November 17 of the previous year.

How Should One Apply?

You can apply for the scholarship by following the instructions that have been given to you:

  • Submit your application on the GIRAF website.
  • Make sure you have an account.
  • After you have established a verified account for yourself, You are free to utilise it whenever you like.
  • You can gain access to the application form by participating in a competition.
  • Just one click on the “international training application 2024-2025” button will do.
  • Find the form in the table labelled “My Tasks.”
  • You may save and make changes to your application form at any time.
  • After clicking the submit button, you will no longer be able to make changes to the form.


In conclusion, if you are interested in receiving a free education in Belgium and would like to continue your bachelor’s or master’s degree programme, you should submit an application for an ARES Belgium Government Scholarship as soon as possible.

In addition, there are training programmes that come with complete funding.