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Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for African Students at the University of Oxford 2022/2023

Host Nation: United Kingdom

Deadline: Varying


St. Antony’s College at the University of Oxford will offer up to three students from Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, or the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) the chance to pursue a degree with full funding.

This opportunity is being made possible through a partnership between St. Antony’s College and the international integrated energy company Eni.

The Deadlines for Applications Are:

The 7th or 21st of January 2022 is the application deadline for Oxford University.

The first of March 2022 is the application deadline for the Eni Scholarship.

Offered Annually? YES

Exams Will Be Given At: St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Concerning the Award: These scholarships will enable St. Antony’s to admit some of the best african students regardless of means, and they will add considerably to the diverse and intellectual character of the college. This is a part of Eni and St. Antony’s College’s joint initiative to invest in and strengthen African leadership, and it is being carried out right now.

After graduating from Oxford, St. Antony’s and Eni are equally eager to encourage and, where possible, structure incentives for Eni Scholars to either continue their education or find useful employment in their home country.

Scholars will be kept up-to-date on relevant contact information and partnership opportunities as they develop. Discussions regarding this topic are currently ongoing.

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Applicants must submit an application for admission to one of the following eligible fields of study in order to be considered.

Master’s Programmes That Last One Year

  • African Studies, Master of Science
  • Master of Science in Economic and Social History
  • Master of Science in Economics for Development
  • Diplomacy and Global Governance Master’s Degree

Offered Since: 2011

Applicants who are normally based in the countries of Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, or Nigeria, as well as the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), are eligible for these scholarships. Applicants who have earned their first degree from an African institution will be given priority consideration.

Scholarships will be granted not only on the basis of academic merit and potential but also on the basis of financial need. Applicants who can demonstrate that they have definite plans to contribute in some way to the development of their home country after they have completed their studies will be given preference.

Please check that you are able to meet the requirements for entry into your course, including the requirements for the English language. For further information, please consult the university’s course guide.

The total number of scholarships available is three (3), and they will be awarded.

Value of Scholarship

100% of University and College Fees, as well as an annual grant for living costs of £14,553 for 12-month courses and £10,915 for 9-month courses. The stipend that is awarded for classes that last a varied amount of time will be MODIFIED ACCORDINGLY.

Additionally, the scholarship will pay for one economy round-trip flight from your home country to the United Kingdom at the beginning and end of your programme.

A scholarship is awarded for a period of one year.

Application Procedure: Please follow these three steps in order to have your application for the scholarship considered:

1. Take your time to carefully read through all of this website’s information.

2. Submit an online application to the University of Oxford for one of the courses that are eligible to be taken there. You have until the January deadline to submit your application to the university for graduate study, which is either the 7th or 21st of January 2022, depending on the programme you apply to.

You must have secured a place on your chosen programme of study by the completion date (March 2022). Please check the university’s guidance on application deadlines, and you must have done so before the deadline.

3. Once you have submitted your application to the university, please click here to complete the online application for the Eni Scholarship.

Please take note that your application for an Eni Scholarship will not be considered if it is either incomplete or does not meet the requirements.